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President’s Message

Hui ‘O Mililani Uka

Hui ‘O Mililani Uka is the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) for Mililani Uka Elementary School. The purpose of the Hui is to involve parents, teachers and the community in ensuring Uka Students have a high quality learning environment and to fully support the Uka mission statement. The goal of the Hui is to provide the highest possible quality learning environment for the Uka students by:

A. Ensuring parents have a voice concerning the education and welfare of their children. 

B. Promoting parental and community involvement with Uka. 

C. Providing assistance to Uka in areas that have been identified, assessed and prioritized by the Hui membership. 

D. Raising funds for the purpose of improving/maintaining educational standards. 

E. Fostering open communication among those persons concerned for Uka students.


Email: info@huiomililaniuka.org

Phone: (808) 627-7307 ext. 3054923

Website: huiomililaniuka.org

For bylaws and meeting minutes please visit the PTO website.