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Hi Everyone! 

Strive Hi results are in! You may have read in the newspaper last week about how our state continues each year to increase the number of students who meet their proficiency goals in Language Arts, Mathematics and Science. All of us here at Mililani Uka want to thank you all for your help and support of our teaching efforts. I am happy to share that more of our students met the standards and are proficient on our State Assessments than the previous year. 

For school year 2016-17, our Language Arts scores are 79%, Math 74% and Science 83%.  In comparison, State scores are Language Arts  51%, Math 48% and Science 58%.  

We also continue to close our Achievement gap between our High Needs and Non-High Needs students.  Language Arts is currently  23% and in Math 22%. 

Chronic attendance is another important area that the State monitors.  We feel this indicator is important because students who are absent will not have the benefit of teacher instruction that day. We need your help. Last year we went up from 5% of our students to 6% of our students  who had 15 or more absent days each year. We appreciate your efforts scheduling appointments and vacations during our breaks and bringing your child to school even if they are tardy.

 For more information on Strive Hi results you can  go to hawaiipublicschools.org.

Thank you also for supporting the annual Hui fundraiser! Last week our Hui kicked off their Mix-In-Magic Fundraiser. The fundraiser will run from September 15th – October 2nd and offers a wide variety of mixes (soups, dips, no-bake cheesecakes) and oils for sale at a reasonable price.  Family and friends on the mainland can go online to Mix-In-Magic.com and enter the code hui. The Hui is hoping the delivery of the mixes will be about two weeks before Thanksgiving. Dips will be delivered directly to the students; if it is too big of an order than the parents will be notified for pick up

The Hui pays for our music teacher, tech and library needs as well as fill as many requests  that are not funded by the State. Participation is optional; so if you don’t want to participate, return the envelope to school at any time.  However, every little bit helps and if you do decide to participate, there will be prizes for the top selling classes and the top selling individuals! If you have any questions, please contact the Hui directly by calling (808) 627-7303 (Option 8) or by emailing info@huiomililaniuka.org.Thank you and happy fundraising! 

Our Student Council students and Campus Police Officers will be participating and supporting our high school student athletes at the Mililani High School Homecoming Parade this Saturday morning, September 30th

Hope to see you there!

Much Aloha, 

Heather Wilhelm
Mililani Uka Elementary
(808) 627-7303