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Science Fair and More

Hi Everyone,

Mr. Toyooka, father of Grayson, sent us the link for the North Central Science Fair Weebly page. Mr. Toyooka was in charge of this year’s science fair. Once you get to the site, there are great picture of all the contestants and their projects. The awards section features all the awardees. Another congratulations to our student awardees and their teachers! Link for this year’s North Central District Science Fair Weebly page here.

HPD Food Drive for the Hawaii Food Bank – We are helping our HPD community partners who helped us by painting our Playscapes during the winter break. You can drop off your food or monetary donations (checks made to: The Hawaii Food Bank) at the school office or send them with your child until April 13th.

Safety Reminder: Yellow School Bus – The school bus drops off and picks up our students in the morning and afternoon daily. While the students are unloading or loading the bus, the bus driver is required by law to turn on its flashing lights and put out a stop sign. While the bus lights are flashing with the stop sign, vehicles cannot lawfully pass the bus. Unfortunately, for a few minutes the flow of traffic through our parking lot is affected. We appreciate your understanding of this lawful procedure for our students’ safety.

SCC Nominations are open until April 10th! We have nominations for our community positions and are seeking parents who also want to help make a difference at our school. If you are interested please fill out the nomination forms and return them to the school office! You can check the homepage of our website for more information.

It worked! This afternoon we had an incident reported to our office by some of our students. They observed an incident in our school parking lot and came to report it to our office. Through everyone’s working together, we were able to investigate quickly and find out that it was all a misunderstanding. It was a good test of our safety procedures. I am very happy to report that, “It worked!”

Lastly, we appreciated everyone who was able to come to our morning coffee hour in the cafeteria. We all had a great time getting to know each other.

Much Aloha!

Heather Wilhelm
Mililani Uka Elementary