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MUES News!

Hi Everyone!

Our campus has a new look! During the weekend, all the Octopus trees in front of D and E buildings were removed. Thee trees were a safety/health hazard as branches would fall during heavy winds and mosquitos would breed in the ports tree trunk. In addition the roots of these trees were compromising our cement walkways and electrical underground cables. Thank you to our school safety committee for their recommendations and follow-through.

Congratulations to our grade 5 science fair participants. Friday before last at Leilehua High School, a fun time was had by all. Ten fifth grade students were selected to participate in the annual North Central Science Fair. Judges interviewed students about their science projects. A Family STEM Session took place while the judges deliberated

Mighty Egrets who participated were:


  • Sarah Johnson: Rust Formations
  • Robyn Harrison-Naktata: Get Pumped


  • Symphony Thomson: Which Baby Diaper is Most Absorbent
  • Skylar Kaneshiro: Which Hand Cleaner Works the Best? Foam Soap, Bar Soap, Hand Sanitizer, Hand Wipes (Community Specialty Award – Dot’s/Marion’s Catering)


  • Mika Hiroi: Soda and Mentos Eruption (Engineering Hands-On Challenge – First Place)
  • Kylie Kreiner: Signal Devices


  • Brook Fox-Allen: Potato Lights
  • Miles Hackney: The Phosphoric Effect Scientific Inquiry – (Second Place)


  • Jordyn Labajo-Cleaver: Which One Will Take Longer to Dissolve
  • Josephine Miels – Glowing Glasses? (Engineering Design Process – Second Place)

At the Recognition Ceremony, science projects of the Mighty Egrets noted in blue were selected by the judges – Dr. Jones (West Oahu), Leeward Community College, Monsanto, 325th Battalion, National Security Agency, Wahiawa Merchants and LHS Alumni Association. Congratulations to all of our student participants and their parents for their outstanding Science Fair projects

May 12th is May Day! In preparation we have already stopped pruning the ti leaves and ferns on our campus. We would also welcome any donations of flowers (orchids, anthuriums, ginger, heliconia) and greenery (monstera, pal and colorful ti leaves). The drop off date is May 11th in front of the school library.

Special thank you to those of you who were able to attend your child’s grade level parent activity this year. It was especially challenging for our grades 2, 4, and 5 parents who had to negotiate the traffic and lack of parking due to the construction in front of our school. Some parents ended up walking from home!

This Friday is our Shamrock Shuffle. Everyone will all be participating on the field and we are looking forward to this fun, healthy Hui fundraising activity.

Have a wonderful Spring Break! See you back at school on Tuesday 3/28/17
Monday is Kuhio Day!

Heather Wilhelm
Mililani Uka Elementary