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Uka Updates

Hi Everyone!

We are currently accepting Kindergarten registrations. The earlier we receive these registrations, the earlier we will know if we will need to hire additional teachers for kindergarten. Once we hire a new teacher, we begin their transition to our school. If there are workshops offered in the summer, we will be able to send them. Grade level teachers will be able to include them in planning for next year. Would you help us spread the word to your family and friends that we are currently accepting applications and would welcome them as soon as they are able to turn them in? The registration packets are ready for pick-up in the school office.

Also, this year we begin our accreditation process! The Western Accreditation of School and College Self-Study process (culminating in Spring 2019) will assist our school to understand our strengths and needs. It will enable us to determine areas of growth and our next steps for improving school and student success. We will be hosting a WASC visitor to our campus next week. While on campus, Dr. Sugiyama will be visiting classrooms as well as talking with people within our school community.

Congratulations to Shayna Manchin, Ethan Villamor, Alexys Sonsona, Kai Fujioka, and Saesha Tamarbuchi, our Kid Biz Top Achievement students for Semester 1! These students did between 65 and 125 lessons and were able to average 90% or more on their first try! Also congratulations to Caelyn Fujimoto who received her Kid Biz Literacy All Star Award. See them on the homepage slider here.

This week Kindergarten celebrates Dr. Seuss Week!

With appreciation for your support of our school,

Heather Wilhelm
Mililani Uka Elementary