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Good News!

Hi Everyone!

Happy New Year!

I wanted to share some good news with you all.

New computers for our classrooms!
Thank you to everyone who has helped us earn funds toward our 1:1 technology goal these many years. Once we combined our collection of technology fundraising proceeds with additional funds that the DOE sent to us in December, we had enough to purchase enough computers so that all of our grade 3, 4, and 5 students will be able to use computers in their classrooms! The computers came in during our winter break and we hope to get them into the classrooms within the next few weeks. (Reminder – tomorrow is the redemption date for the Zippy’s tickets!)

Congratulations to Atreyu Nishimura who is the top seller of our Zippy’s fundraiser! He earned the new Fire HD Tablet 8! Also, congratulations to the top selling classrooms that earned movie parties. H4 – Ms. Kaminaga, Mrs. Andrade, P8 – Mrs. Fujii, C102 – Mrs. Roybal, C202 – Mrs. Shiosaki, D6 – Ms. Gamiao, and E7 – Mrs. Mills.

Beautiful play areas for our students!
During the break, with the help of our community volunteers, staff and students we were able to finish the painting of our play areas as well as our “Peace Gardens” in C, D, and E building, and our library Character Counts mural. Thank you to Darlene Oshiro, our artist who coordinated everyone and taught us painting techniques.

Our campus projects are moving toward completion!
The upgrade to our cafeteria lighting and sound system is moving toward completion! Also, we found out before our break is that projects that we have been waiting for (10+ years) are now being scheduled for completion within the next two years. Because of the construction work of these projects which continue as well as begin when we return in January, unfortunately, we have had to cancel our annual 1:1 Technology is Fun Garage Sale. We also will have to cancel our summer school due to construction this year.

Funds for our classrooms!
We hope you enjoyed the Hui Holiday ‘Ohana Night as well as the silent auction. Due to your participation, our Hui was able to gift an additional $20 for each our classrooms! Our teachers were very happy with their surprise gifts.

Congratulations Jariahlyn Rhoades who is the winner of our school Geography Bee

With all of your support we look forward to an even better new year!

See you all soon. School begins next week on Tuesday, January 10th!

Heather Wilhelm
Mililani Uka Elementary