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November News: Fall Fest, Tripod Survey, and Health



Parent Teacher conferences are over and  Friday is our Annual Fall Fest!  Our Hui as well as our staff have been working on preparing a fun filled night for everyone.  This night is a chance to meet other parents as you volunteer in our grade level booths as well as see friends that you may not have seen in awhile. For the first time we will be using scripts for our grade level booths, but cash will be accepted at the bake and plant sale in the cafeteria. We are still looking for lending  of ice coolers, pop-up tents and lanterns to light up the grade level booths.   If are able to lend  these items, please put your name on the item and drop them off in our main office. Additionally, we would appreciate donations of baked goods and plants for our sale in the cafeteria.  This is one area that every looks forward to visiting.

Next week Monday and Tuesday, November 9 and 10 our upper grades (3-5) students will be taking the Tripod Survey. This is an annual survey that is completed by students that give their teachers feedback on classroom practices. We are hoping for 100% of our students to take this survey and so, if at all possible, not to schedule Dr’s appointments etc. on those two days.

Grade 3 parents, please turn in the yellow permission forms for the Rotary Vision Screening on November 18. The last day to turn in these forms is November 9, Monday. They went home earlier this week.

Diabetes has been a topic in the media as one fo the major health concerns for the people in our state. Many of us have friends and relatives living with diabetes. At our school we have had and currently have students who have been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. One of our families, Mr. and Mrs. Kealii DeRamos have two sons with Type 1 diabetes. Kaimana, their older son is in Kindergarten this year. If you would like to help them raise funds to STOP Diabetes in Hawaii, please contact Mrs. DeRamos at chrissyr009@yahoo.com. We want to keep all our students healthy and appreciate all of your efforts to provide healthy alternatives for classroom events.

Tomorrow we get out of school at 2:05 and Friday we end at 12:25 due to Fall Fest.

PS: Our October newsletter “Talk Story”   is now posted online.