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Cooling Off With Classroom Fan Donations

Hi Everyone,

Tomorrow your children will be bringing home a letter from Superintendent Matayoshi with information on preventing heat related illnesses. The guidelines were developed with the help of medical professionals from the Department of Health’s Emergency Medical Services Branch.

Wondering what we are doing at our school?

For several weeks now, our teachers have been “cooling off” our classrooms with the use of donated fans from our families, Hui, and community partners. With your donations, we have been able to put at least one to two tower fans in our grade level classrooms. We have also been able to put fans into our music room, Hawaiiana room, and the room that we have our Aina classes in. While these are resource classes, they also are in constant use by all of our students.

Adjustments to recess and iPE allow teachers flexibility to have indoor recess when it is very hot outside. Students can read and play quiet games with each other during indoor recess. Usually we want our students to be outside actively playing together.

Mr. Fujioka, our PE teacher, has been having PE classes in our air conditioned indoor PE room on the hottest days. He and all our volunteers are monitoring our students who have been “running” after school as part of our cross country practices.

Our students have always been allowed and encouraged to have water bottles in our classrooms. They are encouraged to keep hydrated throughout the day.

Many school are unable to accept offers of installed AC units because their schools do not have enough electrical capacity. We are currently in this situation, however, there is hope in sight for us. I was able to contact the project manager in charge of our upcoming electrical upgrade project. He shared that he will do his best to see if we can begin our upgrade during our March break instead of this summer! Much of this work is done in the classrooms, so the project will do their best to minimize disrupting of our instruction.

Here are our latest fan donations!

Mr. and Mrs. Yogi | Serah Yogi Gr. 2

Mr. and Mrs. Sato | Ryder Sato Gr. 2

Reliable Landscaping | CJ Petty Gr. 2

Mr. and Mrs. Petty | CJ Petty Gr. 2

Mr. and Mrs. Connolly | Kaden Connolly Gr. 4 and Tyler Connolly Gr. 5

L&O Contractors (11) | Gracie Loughlin Gr.2 and Jaia Acidera Gr. 4

BC Construction (12) | Sasha Borges Gr. 4 and Sierra Borges Gr. 3


Thank you all for your support!

Heather Wilhelm, Principal