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“Shout Out” to our TERRIFIC Grade 3 Teachers and Their TRRFCC Students!


Our August  Talk Story  is now posted on our website at mililaniuka.org    See what your children have been doing since school started!  Learn more about our new teachers and upcoming events!

Thursday we sent home the Stop Flu at School program permission forms. If you would like your child to participate please return the form by September 4th.  It is a very short turnaround time of about 10 days. The actual clinic will be held on October 21st.

Also on Thursday was the Hui Art night. It was lots of fun for everyone who attended. This Monday the Hui will be sending home packets for all of our students. If you did not have a chance to come Thursday, your child can still participate! Your child’s artwork can be a lasting memory by ordering their masterpiece on a variety of items, including magnets, mousepads and more! The Hui partnered with a company called Silver Graphics (www.silvergraphics.com). All items ordered will be professionally created and shipped to our school. The funds raised will be used to develop our art and music programs, and provide art supplies to our classrooms. The due date is Monday, August 31st. Checks are payable to Hui ‘O Mililani Uka.

Reminder not to park in the back cul-de-sac.   We had several calls from our neighbors who live in the townhouses concerned about the safety of our students with all the traffic congestion. Our community police partners let us know that they have received calls about the situation and will be patrolling the area before and after-school to keep our students safe.

Last week they also stopped by to let us know about the Police Activities League (PAL) Flag football need for volunteers.  The PAL is a free league so they depend on volunteers to keep the league going.  If you are interested in volunteering to be an advisor, head coach, assistant coach or referee you can contact Mr. Tyson Chun at (808) 216-3207 or email:  kekua100@gmail.com.  Grades 3-5 students would be able to participate in the Mustang Division.

Wondering when your child’s T-shirt would arrive?  Our vendor let us know that due to the amount ordered,  they were unable to finish our T-shirt order on time.   They are hoping to be able to deliver them next week.

Upcoming this week we have three parent events:

Wednesday – K-2 Math Workshop
Thursday 3-5 Math Workshop
Friday- Kindergarten Reading Breakfast

Good News to share! Last week I received a call complimenting our Grade 3 students who recently visited the State Capitol. Wendy Wilson from Representative Haar’s office wanted to let me know how impressed they were with our children’s behavior. She shared that they get student visitors all the time and have come to expect that students can get overly excited. But our students were so well behaved and attentive that she had to call and let me know how great they were. Our students were able to show their good character because of not only our teachers efforts but also because we have you as our partners at home. They were TRRFCC! (trustworthy, respectful, responsible, fair, caring and good citizens)