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Starting off the 2015-16 School Year


Hi, Everyone!

I would like to begin by thanking all of you for helping us get off to a smooth start this year.


Thank you all for your efforts in having your child dressed within our school dress code. We had very few students that we had to remind yesterday. Some were because of the length of their shorts and we had a few girls with spaghetti straps.


We will be sending them home with your child. Order by August 7 to have them delivered by August 18. If you order online you can mix and match colors and sizes. Link to order online is on the home page slideshow of our website mililaniuka.org.


Traffic was better this morning in our school parking lot. Just a few reminders about letting your child off next to the curb so that they will not have to cross a lane of traffic. Everyone should use the crosswalk in front of the office. When students see adults cutting between cars, they may try to do it themselves. We don’t want any of our students to get hit by a car. For those who are picking our their child, remember to wait either in front of the library or next to the cafeteria until the end of school bell rings. C-101 is now a second grade classroom, and students are able to see and hear people outside of their room.


There are a lot of forms that were sent home for you to sign. Please note that signing the Student Publication/Audio Release Form with “NO” indicates that your child will not appear in any school digital or print media. This includes, but is not limited to, our yearbook, website, event videos, as well as classroom projects.


Many of you have noticed how hot it has been in our classroom s and have offered your help with getting fans for them. Hope chapel Mililani helped each of our teachers with wish list items for the classrooms. They also purchased about 10 fans.

Our Hui made a profit fromt he Kona Ice sale at our Meet and Greet to fund two more fans. The Borges family volunteered their hel pto get fans for the classrooms.

We appreciate all of your support!

Heather Wilhelm, Principal